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About our company

Lexulo was founded in Australia in September 2016. We are a technology startup with a focus on the legal service sector. Using a combination of statistics, natural language processing, linguistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Lexulo drastically reduces, and will eventually eliminate the resources required for legal research.

We are united by the principle of increasing access to justice; a large barrier of which is the inherent academia and human-resource-heavy processes required by the practice of law. Our technology eliminates these barriers, instead allowing easy and simplified access to principle points of importance within your legal case; removing all other irrelevant obiter. Though we must stress, we nor our technology offer legal advice.

Lexulo for Lawyers

Lexulo Enterprise provides software as a service (SaaS) for barristers and solicitors looking to decrease the most resource intensive aspect of legal practice: research.

We utilise a broad spectrum of case law and legislation allowing integration into both public and private practice.

Our proprietary search and synthesis methods allow you to reallocate your time and resources to profit generating activities.

Lexulo for Individuals

LISA (Lexulo Intelligent Search Analysis), our proprietary search technique, allows individuals to effectively analyze personal legal disputes to decipher what recourse and legal options would best suit their situation.

Collaborate with Us

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from lawyers for the beta program of our software. To express interest and receive updates, please complete the form below.

Please note: At the present time we are only focused on operations in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.

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